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Cash Manager Outsourcing

The Cash Manager and Chief Financial Officer are both responsible for establishing the financial policies and procedures of the corporation, as well as its capital structure. The Cash Manager must develop efficient, controlled and documented tactical processes and procedures that will add to the financial strength of the company. One of the key functions of the Cash manager is to create and maintain the most effective approaches and systems to enhance the company’s cash utilization. Some of the services provided by our Cash Managers are:

  • Establish a sound liquidity management program that will provide the company with sufficient liquidity to enable the operating units to function at the lowest opportunity cost and in times of cash surplus look for the most effective ways to invest surplus funds.
  • Establish and maintain a working capital management system that will convert operating assets, such as accounts receivable and inventory, into cash inflow and operating liabilities, such as accounts payable, into cash outflow in a way most beneficial for the company.
  • Establish and execute programs for the provision of capital required by the company, including negotiating the procurement of capital.
  • Maintain relationships with financial institutions in conjunction with the CFO. We administer banking arrangements and loan agreements, as well as maintain adequate sources for the company’s current borrowings from commercial banks and other lending institutions.
  • Establish written policies and procedures that meet the expectations of the company’s investment of surplus funds in terms of trading off returns against risk.
  • Maintain a capital structure that is most advantageous to the company.
  • Safe guard the assets of the business and minimize business risk.
  • Manage the cash-flow position of the company, by establishing policies and procedures for credit, collection of accounts and purchasing and establishing schedules for the payment of bills and financial obligations.
  • Prepare short and medium-term cash forecast to aid in asset utilization.

Alan Neal & Associates, Inc. provides clients with expertise in strategic financial planning, accounting, cash and operations management. Our staff has extensive industry experience in such positions as Full-charge Bookkeeper, Controller, Director of Finance, CFO, Corporate Cash Manager, and Director of Budgeting and Special Projects. Our outsourced financial services provide your company with the financial experience and expertise normally found only in large companies at a fraction of the cost. You pay only for the time and services you need.

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