Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Outsourcing

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is not focused on hands-on accounting – they are far more strategic and forward-looking. The primary role of a CFO is to focus on profitability and driving the company value. The CFO must have the ability to decipher huge amounts of data and interpret it into meaningful information for the CEO and management team. The data analysis extends beyond pure financials. To have an impact on the company’s profitability and value, the CFO must know and understand the whole business, its processes, systems and its metrics from supplier through customer. The CFO must develop a systematic review process that monitors the operating efficiency of all processes to ensure that operations function at their highest level of efficiency. Some of the services provided by our Chief Financial Officers:

  • In conjunction with the Cash Manager and the CEO, establish and execute programs for the provision of the capital required by the business, including negotiating the procurement of capital and maintaining the required financial arrangements.
  • Coordinate the long-term plans of the company, assess the financial requirements implicit in these plans and develop alternative ways in which financial requirements can be satisfied.
  • Review all agreements concerning financial obligations, such as contracts for goods or services and other actions requiring a commitment of financial resources.
  • Ensure the maintenance of appropriate financial records and preparation of required financial reports.
  • Analyze company shareholder relation’s policies and information programs, including the annual and interim reports to shareholders and recommend to the CEO new or revised policies and programs when needed.
  • In conjunction with the CEO, determine the objectives of the company.
  • Develop a strategic plan, defining the course and direction the organization will take in order to maximize the company’s future potential. Each department’s strategic plan will align with the organization, identifying the factors critical to the success of the plan, identifying and benchmarking key performance indicators relating to the critical factors and establishing measurement metrics that will monitor the actual results against the plan.
  • Establish and implement metrics that measure the efficiency of the operating processes and systems.
  • Perform financial modeling when needed to aid management in decision-making.
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer/ Cash Manager link the financial and operating systems and processes to the cash management system.

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