Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Driving the value of a business to its maximum potential requires more than traditional accounting. Many business owners do not understand that "accounting" and "finance" are two very different disciplines. Every business owner understands the importance of the professional accounting function and factors it into their business, but many businesses don’t have a finance department or anyone on staff trained in finance. The accounting personnel may not be trained and understand how basic decisions could affect the balance sheet or cash flow, so the company may not be getting the appropriate guidance needed to execute a strategic and tactical cash management system, operating and cash flow budgets, forecast and other financial modeling needed to ensure management that the decisions being made are affecting free cash flow positively. It is important for shareholders to understand that profit enhancement and creating value is through finance, not accounting.

To enhance profits and drive value requires management to establish financial policies and procedures, maintain the appropriate capital structure and create and update documented tactical and strategic financial strategies. Measurement metrics must be established and maintained to assure that all financial transactions take place in a controlled, efficient manner consistent with the financial policies and procedures of the corporation.

  • Do you have written policies and procedures that clearly articulate the corporate finance philosophies of your company?
  • Do you have a set of metrics that can accurately measure the success of your systems and processes?
  • Are these metrics used on all systems throughout your company?
  • Can you accurately forecast the capital needs of your company?
  • Are your systems and processes well understood, controlled, and measurable?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, or you are unsure about your corporate finance programs, Alan Neal & Associates is positioned to assist you. To learn more about how our value-added services can assist your organization, contact:

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