Corporate Turnarounds

Corporate Turnarounds

Alan Neal & Associates has the experience and expertise necessary to help you gain control of a failing company. We prioritize the actions needed to move the company from crisis management to normal operations.

Crisis management is needed when dealing with a failing company. We intervene to work with the vendors, tax authorities, attorneys, and lenders. We immediately develop a cash management system to maximize cash flow and establish supporting systems that measure the cash management system's performance. During the crisis period, we review the operational systems and processes to determine the root cause of the business decline.

Once we identify the cause of the decline, we prepare an action plan to correct the deficiencies in operations that lead to that decline. We work with management to implement this action plan and assist them in returning the company to normal operations.

A troubled company requires prompt action to be taken. Ignoring the problem is not a solution. The advisors at Alan Neal & Associates have been through this with clients many times and we can help you make your company healthy again.

  • Has there been a trend of reduced margins and profits over the last several years?
  • Has there been a trend of reduced revenues over the last several years?
  • Are liabilities not being paid when due?
  • Is there a failure to take discounts?
  • Are assets being pledged to otherwise insecure creditors?
  • Are abnormally high interest rates being paid?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Alan Neal & Associates is positioned to assist you. To learn more about how our value-added services can provide value to your organization, contact:

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