Financial Planning

Financial Planning / Part-Time CFO

Every business owner understands the importance of accounting, and they include that function in their operations. Shareholders must recognize that enhancing profits and creating value is through finance, not accounting. The accounting personnel may not be trained in how basic decisions could affect the company balance sheet or cash flow, so the company may not be getting the appropriate guidance needed to execute a strategic and tactical cash management system, operating and cash flow budgets, forecast and other financial models needed to ensure management that the decisions being made are affecting free cash flow positively.

Alan Neal & Associates can provide financial strength to your organization by assisting management in defining the business strategy, identifying the critical success factors relating to the business strategy, identifying and benchmarking key performance indicators critical to the success factors and integrate them into the balance sheet projections and operating and cash flow budgets, forecast and cash management system.

Alan Neal & Associates, Inc. will review the accounting function monthly to ensure that all transactions have been recorded consistently and accurately and the books are closed timely. The advisor will set up a conference with management and the actual results will be presented and recommendations made in order for the company to stay on track.

Expert financial planning can positively impact your business by enhancing profits and creating value for your business. If you do not feel that you are getting adequate “finance” support for your business, contact:

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