Our Approach

Our approach focuses on the relationship between the financial and operating systems being utilized by the company and how they impact cash. To create and drive business value requires the growth of free cash flow. Every system, process and transaction occurring in the business, has a direct impact on cash either positively or negatively.

The engagement begins with what we call "The Business Checkup". This is an objective, comprehensive and unbiased assessment that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the business. "The Business Checkup" takes approximately one to three days.

The process begins with an initial interview with the business owners and key personnel, and takes approximately two hours. The objective of this interview is to obtain as much information about the business, its history, the short and long-term business goals and any other corporate areas of focus that management might have.

The Advisor will prepare a comprehensive operational and financial performance review up to the last five years to identify any trends that have developed in key areas. This review will show how the business is performing today as compared to prior years, and how it compares to other companies similar in type and size. This comparative review will clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and the obstacles that are hindering the business from reaching its maximum potential.

The Advisor will review all appropriate operations, processes and systems currently being utilized by the company and identify deficiencies and explain how they influence the profit and expense control and the inefficient use of capital.

The results of "The Business Checkup" will be presented to the business owners in a comprehensive report. The report will include the following:
  • Deficiencies found in the business.
  • Describe how the deficiencies are impacting the business.
  • Discuss the cost of the deficiencies to the business presently and long-term..
  • Discuss how the deficiencies impact cash and the value creation of the business.
  • Recommendations of corrective action needed to be taken to correct the deficiencies.
  • Identify what methods, systems, procedures and controls are needed in order to reach the business goals and objectives.

Management has limited time and company resources, so it is imperative that the decisions made by management have a positive impact both on profitability and free cash flow. Based on our findings, we will create and implement an action plan prioritized around improvements that have the greatest potential for increasing the return on equity and increasing free cash flow. We will then work side-by-side with management creating and implementing the tactical and strategic financial plan that will enable the shareholders to achieve their business goals and objectives.

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